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One of Our Florida Style Designed Homes, from House Plan to Reality

Every one of our ZED house plans includes passive solar heating and cooling technology, integrated into the comprehensive Holistic Systems Engineering of the overall whole-house thermal performance of the building. We NEVER have done any conventional energy wasting building designs. Our very first 1979 home design was a Zero Energy Home, and today we can say we use those same techniques but with modern technology at our command.

The design of a grid-connected Net Zero Energy Home is less complex than an off-the-grid home. A grid-connected home can run its electric meter backward during the spring and fall, and then consume less energy from the grid during the peak months than it put into the grid during the moderate spring and fall months. This result in a NET Zero Energy Home Design, with zero utility bills on an annual basis.

Off-the-grid homes require battery systems to handle peak loads, and a long period of cloudy days. For safety, they also need some type of other local power backup system.

Most of our Zero Energy house Plans, include active solar technology, like hot water heating or photovoltaic solar electric power production systems. We work closely with what your objectives are, from simply lowering utility by about two thirds, down to completely off-the-grid rural homes that have no public utility connections at all.

House plans designed for a home in a colder climate are NOT appropriate for Florida, and a Florida house will not work well in Chicago or Canada. Australian homes are turned to face the north, instead of the south, as in the northern hemisphere. If you used northern hemisphere house plans in Australia, the east (morning) side would face west into the hot afternoon sun – and would NOT work as it was designed for the northern hemisphere, A mirror image southern hemisphere house is required for hot northern Australian climatic zones

Zero Energy House Plans are NOT “one size fits all.” We much prefer to get involved with the prospective home owner, to make sure that their investment is well worth the time, effort, and money they will put into their innovative new home. We do not EVER want anyone to say that they built a house according to our plans, and it did not work as they had hoped.



Home View Rendering 3BR Ranch Garage Warm Climate

Since 1979, Natural Energy Applied Research and Zero Energy Design® have developed HUNDREDS OF NEAR-ZERO ENERGY HOME DESIGNS that have been built across the U.S., Canada, and Australia, in every type of climatic zone. Each one is uniquely designed for its site-specific and owner-budget / lifestyle objectives.

Home Plans 3BR Ranch Garage Warm ClimateEven if you are building a home that is similar to one of our nearby homes, each owner may have a slightly different budget or lifestyle objective. We would like to get to know YOU, so we can accommodate your diverse desires. The purchase of a new Zero Energy Home is often the very best investment that people make in a lifetime. We want you to receive the maximum value that you can for your precious investment. You do NOT want an inexperienced architect or builder to experiment with your money, without being trained, mentored, coached, and monitored by someone with decades of valuable Zero Energy Home Design experience.

Our Zero Energy Homes generate a lot of public interest when they are introduced in a new community. We want each one to have our very-latest, most-cost-effective technology in it, so all media coverage will be the very best that it can be, all things considered.

For over 25 years, we’ve been gathering more knowledge on the subject of Zero Energy Home Design than anyone else we know, and making subtle iterative refinements to our many design principles and construction practices. The basic thermal design issues and the seasonal path of the sun have not changed, but the available innovative materials, products, tools and techniques have.

Even though the homes we designed and built in the 1980’s performed better than any others of their day, you would not want to exactly duplicate our older house plans, when we have better things that we can do at lower cost today.

For this reason, we do not offer stagnant house plans of work we did in previous years. It takes time to develop a portfolio of many house plans, and over those decades we have learned a great deal. It is OUR JOB to keep on top of everything that applies to Zero Energy Home Design today, and include it in every new set of specifications that we produce. Buying an old stock house plan would be a waste of your money, when newer and better things are emerging every year, and things (like photovoltaic solar cells) that did not used to be cost effective are now becoming an excellent economic decision to including in your new home mortgage. Energy efficient government incentive programs are also another modern influence on what is cost effective. Your tax bracket, the availability of Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM), etc. all add up to the need for customized, up-to-date home specifications and product selection decision support.


Zero Energy Design® Florida style Home - Narrated 3-Minute Video Clip

A beautiful home without any energy bills can be very inexpensive. Zero Energy Design® passive solar heating and cooling can eliminate the need for an expensive central heating or cooling system in most locations. A Zero Energy Design® home may optionally be energy independent "off-the-grid" with no connection to any power company.


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