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One of Our Spectacular Hill Side Style Designed Homes

Our methods apply to any size residential, commercial, government, military or industrial building. We offer comprehensive systems engineering and integration of total lifestyle design issues into a holistic solution that minimizes your investment, while maximizing abundant energy usability.


People who offer stock house plans may try to sell you work that was done years or decades ago by their architects, or by others, since conventional house designs have changed very little for a very long time, BUT WE DO NOT OFFER OBSOLETE HOUSE PLANS AT ANY PRICE, even though it would be very easy for us to just copy the excellent work we did long ago. We’ve had people in Australia ask us to sell them an existing house plan, but we simply refuse to do it, for reasons mentioned above.


Each of our house plans is CUSTOMIZED FOR THE LOCATION AND THE PEOPLE who plan to live in our Zero Energy Design® happy homes. Every time we design a new home, it is better than any home we have ever developed before (for the desires and constraints of the buyers we designed it for)


We have designed popular 1800 sq .ft., 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 2-car garage Zero Energy Home Plans that were built years ago for only $60,000. We’ve designed million dollar homes with indoor swimming pools, spectacular hillside views, and exciting entertainment areas, using all of the latest solar energy equipment. We are currently voluntarily working on a Chamber of Commerce low-income housing project for people with disabilities. It will start at the low end with 1-bedroom, 1-bath units less than 700 sq .ft., costing well under $60/sq .ft., with state-of-the-art energy efficiency features to minimize the total cost of ownership. We have also designed innovative multi-million-dollar office buildings for medical professionals who are concerned about healthcare, impact on the environment, and minimizing escalating energy costs in a comfortable place to work and to be treated.


Hill Side Home View Rendering Hill Side Home View Rendering2

Note: The Oversized Sunroom is the lowest cost room in the home. The Interior rooms are customized for the owner.

Hill Side Home Front View

Floor Plan Hil side  Home 3Floor Plan Hil side  Home 1Floor Plan Hil side  Home 2

Hill Side Home SEHill Side Home NORTH EAST.j

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