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Here are some more Videos from Zero Energy Design® on Home, Energy and the Environment

Zero Energy Design® Home - Narrated 3-Minute Video Clip

A beautiful home without any energy bills can be very inexpensive. Zero Energy Design® passive solar heating and cooling can eliminate the need for an expensive central heating or cooling system in most locations. A Zero Energy Design® home may optionally be energy independent "off-the-grid" with no connection to any power company.


Wind Energy Future Potential - Exponential Growth

Under President Carter, the U.S. DOE + NASA developed advanced wind generators in the late 1970s. Since then, we have fallen decades behind international wind leaders. Our growth has been renewed since 2000. America needs million of new large windmills.


Zero Energy Design® Replacing BAD Building Codes

Our current building codes ignore modern advances in energy efficiency. New U.S. legislation is needed to help home owners fund home improvements.


Energy Efficiency Today - 80 Percent Wasted, "Out the Window"

Most of the energy we now consume is wasted uselessly on extremely inefficient obsolete technology. The solution to our energy crisis and global warming must begin with a change in energy usage. For example most motors and engines today throw away heat as a by-product of motion/


Zero Emissions - Never Burn Anything - 1 of 2: Buildings

Anything that burns anything is NOT GREEN. REDUCING toxic, climate-changing emissions is good, but INSUFFICIENT, We must rapidly learn to NEVER BURN wood, coal, oil, natural gas, or any type of biofuel. There is 10,000 times more Clean, Green, Free-Fuel Sunshine, Wind, Hydroelectric, and Geothermal Energy abundantly available than ALL of the highly-polluting, expensive, declining, UNSUSTAINABLE Deadly Fossil-Fuels being burned today. We demonstrated the technology to do it all cost-effectively decades ago. Part 1 of 2 focuses on Buildings (our highest priority), and Part 2 of 2 deals with Zero Emission Transportation. By Zero Energy Design®


Zero Emissions - Never Burn Anything - 2 of 2: Transportation

Burning petroleum and biofuels for transportation is a dead end dirt road to disaster. We must quickly STOP BURNING ANYTHING. Clean, Green, Zero Emission transportation solutions are available off-the-shelf today, and will soon cost far less than the major mistakes we are still making today. It is long overdue for us to learn the lessons that should have been clear after the 1973 OPEC oil crisis. Buildings are our first Zero Emissions energy priority, and then we can focus on Transportation. By Zero Energy Design®


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