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Larry Hartweg has allocated limited time in his schedule for Public Speaking Engagements at conferences or consult with executives, initiate radical innovation projects, testify at government hearings, and assist civic groups and conservationists that have goals similar to his own: Abundant Energy In Harmony With Nature®.

Since the first 1978 Solar Energy Tax Credits, Larry Hartweg has demonstrated how to cost-effectively Eliminate Energy Bills with Zero Energy DesignTM. His off-the-grid homes do not even need to be connected to utility companies. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of ZED Holistic Systems Engineering.

If you are interested in cost-effective, proven, government-subsidized ways to eliminate energy bills, harmful carbon emissions, and man-made damage to Earth’s fragile environment, you will appreciate Hartweg’s unparalleled experience and entertaining presentation skills.

Hartweg was trained by IBM in Executive Suite Presentation to the Fortune 100. He became IBM’s top consultant in his large-scale object-oriented systems integration field.

To add entertainment value to his technical presentations, Larry enjoyed taking 5 semesters of Improvisational Comedy classes, and has performed at The Comedy Store (Hollywood CA where Robin Williams got his start), Comedy Sports, and as the popular “Techno Larry” character at Walt Disney World Pleasure Island.

He understands very well that if you can get executives to laugh at the dumb things their companies are doing, you can use humor to bring about radical revolutionary changes.

Hartweg has become an expert at using Dilbert-like humor to overcome irrational resistance to the kind of significant change that is needed throughout the world today. We know that you will be very pleased with any innovation public or non- public speaking presentations that you request from him.

When Scott Adams published “The Dilbert Principle,”
the Wall Street Journal wrote that it was The Best MANAGEMENT Book They Had Ever Read:

The world has become so COMPLICATED that we’re ALL bluffing our way through the business day, hoping we’re not Unmasked for the BOOBS we really are. I see the world as a Massively Absurd Endeavor, populated by people who struggle every minute to Rationalize The Silly Things They Do.” – Scott Adams


Current Speaking Presentation Topics

  Zero Energy Design, Abundant Energy In Harmony With Nature

  Retrofitting Existing Homes To Inexpensively Eliminate Energy Bills

  High-Volume, Low-Income, Affordable Zero Energy Homes

  Comprehensive Zero Energy Community Planning

  Realistic, Clean, FREE Future Energy Alternatives For The 21st Century

  Energy Politics the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  Managing Creativity With Mental Aerobics – Facilitating Major Refinements and Revolutions

Hartweg is a Second-Generation Energy Research Scientist with a proven track record. His development efforts have helped generate several Billion Dollars of Revenue in various different fields, while lowering consumer cost and improving our environment. He provides Executive Management Energy Consulting, Training for Architects, Builders, Legislators, Environmental Groups, and Research Labs. His energy research scientist father taught Larry:“Lifelong Learning In An Ever-Expending Universe Of Endless Possibilities


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Some of Larry Hartweg's Environmental Videos from Zero Energy Design

Biofuel Boondoggle - Deadly Crime Against Humanity

Badly misinformed politicians are heavily subsidizing biofuels ($7B USA), which contribute to the starvation of a billion humans. Biofuels are a non-solution that is much worse than the problem they are trying to solve. UN experts call biofuels from food a "Crime Against Humanity"

America's Petroleum Politics

Our energy crisis, escalating prices, national debt, pollution, global warming, and lack of funds for other things are all caused by a long history of fossil fuel special interest group lobbyists, and the corrupt politicians that they purchase so easily. Our petroleum policy of harmful oil addiction, rapidly-rising oil imports, climate change, and oil-related war must be terminated soon. It must begin at the grassroots

Biofuel Boondoggle - Deadly Crime Against Humanity

Our insufficient, frequently-failing, electrical power grid is based on 125-year-old technology and badly antiquated false assumptions. It needs major renovation in the modern age of microelectronics and rooftop photovoltaic systems. Smart Grid needs accelerated deployment.

"Clean Coal Technology" - Largest Lie of Lethal Lobbyists

Conservation and solar/wind technology can eliminate the need to burn coal, which is killing 10,000s each year.

Burning Ethanol: DEADLY Aldehydes

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that common ALDEHYDES CAUSE CANCER IN HUMANS. Aldehydes (like Formaldehyde and Acetaldehyde) are produced when various types of biofuel (especially ethanol) are burned. The European Union has BANNED the use of Formaldehyde throughout all of Europe.

In stark contrast, the U.S. Congress REJECTS well-documented scientific input and SUBSIDIZES the production of huge volumes of cancer-causing atmospheric Aldehydes with billions of scarce taxpayer dollars a year, increasing our escalating national debt. Many U.S. legislators do not even know what Aldehydes are, where they come from, or the serious health damage that corrupt politicians have MANDATED.

BAD Architecture Creates Our Energy Crisis

Building Buyers Beware - PROVEN energy efficient design has been IGNORED for decades. Most professors who train bad architects and builders have never lived, or worked, in a Zero Energy Design® Building, and therefore they don't have a clue what to do.



Even Dolphins Love to Hear Larry Talk About the Environment


We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Harmony With Nature

Lifelong Learning In An Ever-Expanding Universe Of Endless Possibilities TM

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