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Our E-BOOK is 887-pages of Zero Energy Design Home and Building Energy Saving Techniques.

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Zero Energy Design® E-Book Download and Bonus Materials

Learn how to use the Sun and Ground Temperature to Heat and Cool Buildings

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Our 887-page Zero Energy Design® E-BOOK and related materials are all about Energy Efficiency and Solar-Heating-and-Cooling Techniques from FREE Zero Emission, Abundant Natural Energy Sources.

This is the world's largest repository of Zero Energy Design materials available from ANY single source.


We must BE the Sustainable Emerald Green Living changes that are long overdue around the world TODAY.

We do NOT need miraculous new energy technology - Just use the technology that was proven many years ago.

The U.S. Department of Energy STRATEGIC PLAN calls for America to "Deploy The Technology That We Have."

Larry Hartweg is the “Googlish Guru of What To Do” TM

He’s a second-generation Energy Research Scientist - I.Q.174 genius,
with over 3 decades of proven $100-billion successes.
His electronic materials have been sold in 134 countries around the world.


Larry Hartweg STOP Being A DummieTM


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